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There's something behind that touch screen driving users to mobile application stores.  With the ease of use and the quantity of information now available at your finger-tips, it is not surprising that consumer dependency on mobile devices is increasing.  Apple is clearly leading the market place with the accumulative application downloads surpassing 3 billion by January 2010.  While the iPhone has certainly inspired new levels of application downloads, even in Europe where the iPhone is relatively new, touch-screen device owners are more likely to use mobile application stores.   

Young, e-mail/MMS-centric touch screen device wielding mobile users are the earliest and strongest adopters of mobile applications through app stores.   Eighteen to 34-year-olds are a prime target for mobile applications, whether consumer or business centric. Those using mobile e-mail are five to six times more likely to use mobile applications acquired through application stores. And those using MMS are two to three times more likely to use mobile applications acquired through application stores.   

“Mobile is rich in a valuable, sometimes difficult to reach, audience. It’s time to take advantage of the engaging platform and connect with these consumers.” – Joy Liuzzo, Senior Director of marketing & mobile research, InsightExpress. 

Who are these mobile intensives? 

They are your target audience.

·      Eighty-six percent of Mobile Intensives fall within the 18-44 year old range and just over 54 percent make over $50,000 a year.

·      More than 53 percent agree they look at advertisements to see what they should buy and 44 percent agree they make a wish list of products advertised.

·      They are also influencers in a number of categories and look to advertising to help them stay in the know and decide what to buy.